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Spent most of my Saturday over in Tijuana with ma', making great quantities of tamalas: pork, chicken, cheese and peppers, and pineapple-cinnamon. We wrapped them up and froze them, ready to be put in the tamalera on Xmas Eve. The whole eating, present opening and partying happens on the 24th, which is pretty convenient, because then we cross the border Xmas morning to spend that day with family and friends in San Diego. My family mostly spends that day eating leftovers in their PJs, so not being around is perfectly acceptable.

Perhaps for the first time ever I'll be able to make and share some tamales of my own on the 25th. I plan to cook some on Saturday as an experiment, although we already have gingerbread men baking planned for that day. Might be too much to even think of making a pound of masa, a tiny amount by any Mexican cook's standard, but still we're talking tamales here. Is there another Xmas food that takes as much time and can be so thoroughly fucked up?

There is also the possibility of pozole, but that is going to have to be on my mom's shoulders this year. No way am I crossing the border again until the 24th. It took me 2 hours to get through.
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Don't believe you.

Clearly you need to post proof of all that. Lots of proof. Yum. :)
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omg, I covet a tamalera! We always have tamales at New Year's (my parents ship us 6 dozen or so, on dry ice, from home) and it's always a pain to steam them hot again. :-)
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They are already cooked, yeah -- and I should admit, my parents don't make them; they buy them pre-made, wrap them in foil into bricks of tamale, freeze them in their freezer, then ship them in a styrofoam container overnight. (Or, if someone is flying up here around that time, that person brings an extra piece of packed luggage which is basically just the cooler of frozen tamales.) And as soon as they get here, they go in our chest freezer until New Year's eve.

And yeah, the pot we use is enormous. It's our canning kettle, and it works pretty well -- though there's always a challenge in keeping the tamales off the bottom of the pot; I line it with cookie-drying racks, but that doesn't really work 100% of the time, you know? :-)
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Nomnomnomnom! Tamales = best.