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My mom, the cook

I grew up completely spoiled by my mom's cooking. Little did I realize that other people's moms would not be necessarily be as - um - focused on their cooking. I didn't really learn to cook from her as much as I could have, because she had little patience, didn't cook from recipes, and most times doing 3 course meals was way more than she should have been doing every single day.

Apparently, once I moved out, my mom's cooking started not being as good as it used to be. Talking to her, it seems that I was the one who always commented on how good the food was, and after I left she wasn't as motivated. I have little memory of this, but she insists that even as a kid I always talked about what made food good. Not the technique, that was beyond me until my late 20s, but texture and tastes and comparisons to meals we had weeks, months or years before.

Talking to Mr. L last Sunday reminded me how lucky I was. His mom wasn't a good cook, and according to him one of the best things she made was a spam* and rice dish. Which explains his interest in learning to cook more than the basics and his praise of almost anything I make. But he cooks better rice than me, so he did learn something from mom!

*I've never had spam myself, but since most people make the DDDDDDDD: face when they hear the word spam, and M*A*S*H had a running joke on the awfulness of eating spam all the time, I'm guessing spam =/= good.
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Well, first off, spam is not bad! If you eat it all the time, yuk, but its actually pretty tasty! Its technically spiced ham - interestingly cooked in the can. Chopped up and fried with eggs is not bad.

Agree that having a mom who cooked well is a plus! I'm not as good as she was, but I definitely find that both R and I prefer home cooked to takeout.