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logovo ([personal profile] logovo) wrote2011-12-10 09:35 pm
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Picture, or it didn't happen

So, that idea of documenting the whole tamales making process? I didn't count on the fact that my hands were going to be all messy and covered in dough through most of it, so for now this is my sole picture of my efforts in tamal cooking.

I'm kind of surprised that they turned out well! They're queso con rajas, which is dough made with masa, finely grounded white rice, homemade chicken broth, lard (next time I'm trying it with olive oil, but decide not to mess with original recipe for now), and salt. In an effort to keep it simple I stuffed the tamale dough with farmer's cheese and poblano and serrano slices. Pretty tasty, although they're missing a good tomatillo sauce on the side.

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