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I finished S2 of Sherlock last week (oh my, so good!), so now I'm looking for fics. Of course. I had no idea it might be years before we get another season, which is scary in one sense, but might prove to be one of those things that inspires a lot of good and varied stories. I'm still not into the main pairing, which is not unusual. Sometimes it takes a while for me, to fall in love with a "/". I do love that Sherlock's characters are old enough that I can't be their mom. sometimes that kind of kills it for me.
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[personal profile] cesperanza asked for recs a while back and some of my favorites were listed. You might start with the comments for her post.

ETA: There is a lot of Sherlock/John, but it's not all that's there, and several people point to rec lists.
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I catch wind of discussions here and there about Sherlock as an asexual, which makes much sense to me. I've read several really wonderful Sherlock/John fics, but even when the fics are well done, the sex scenes feel off to me, like clothes that don't quite fit. I'm stunned to find myself in a fandom where I want genfic (or Sherlock as asexual fic). I'm still circling the fringes of the fandom and haven't yet figured out who has the good crack, here, though.