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logovo ([personal profile] logovo) wrote2012-06-15 08:15 am
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New Rules of Lifting for Life

I'm trying to figure out the phase 1 workout in The New Rules of Lifting for Life, but holy mackerel Batman! Box jumps? Really? Isn't that like asking for injury? Well, at least for me. I'm not a graceful person when it comes to quick movement, so I can perfectly picture myself jumping wrong and horrible things happening.

You know how as a kid you're fearless and never think something bad could happen to you? That was never me. Even 7 yr old me could imagine how almost anything could go wrong when I was trying to learn anything, like how to roller skate. I managed to learn how to ride a bike only because an older friend, who I thought was the coolest girl in the world, took it upon herself to teach this scaredy cat.

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