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Miami Vice

 ¡Ay,! Going down the fandom rabbit hole of an old beloved show is both fun and frustrating, and the best kind of nostalgia. Spending some quality time remembering my love of Sonny Crockett and wondering how I'd forgotten how truly bad the hair was. There are moments where the hair kind of looks like what a dude in the 80s might consider stylish, but there are others when the pretty manpain gets derailed by split ends and poor use of hair products.

Skipping here and there on Netlfix, I see that the Burnett arc mostly holds up (phew!) and that Shadow in the Dark is still a damn good episode, even after years of watching dozens of takes on the same storyline (good guy goes somewhat wacky going after wacky bad guy). Most of those takes are not as wonderfully creepy, which is always disappointing. Pretty cool that they manage that episode without it being about the usual villain, a serial killer. 

Now I'm on the phase where I visit old, OLD, livejournal and dreamwidth entries, reading conversations that make me happy and grateful that others before me took the time to write down their love of this show.
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Ah, this made me very happy to read. It's still this ur-fandom for me, and I miss having the people to talk to about it that I used to have. (And I see DW doesn't have my MV icon, must fix that...)