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SPN 8.02

After feeling pretty meh and kind of annoyed at the season premiere,  this second episode was primarily a relief, because I still care. Supernatural season 8? I can't believe I've stuck to it for this long. This is about where I dropped out of following The X-Files, but that was mostly because of a lack of Mulder. 

When it comes to fic, I'm finding very little to read that I get completely pulled into, in any fandom. This makes me sad and turning more and more to novels, but I so miss my fannish squee.
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I feel the same way; I thought the season 8 premiere was a hot mess and was asking myself how I can possibly stick with the whole season if it's all going to be that bad; but the second episode was actually an improvement, I enjoyed it more than the awful premiere so I guess I'm sticking with the boys for the next little while, at least. But I'm finding I absolutely cannot read any SPN fanfics right now; I just can't summon any interest in any of the many plot lines or 7 seasons' worth of tropes available in fandom. I find myself reading BBC Sherlock fanfics instead, even though it's going to be such a long time yet before we even get series 3, sigh; for whatever reason, I'm not bored right now with the Sherlock tropes, ha. I'm glad Merlin is back, too, but as far as really getting eagerly involved in any particular fandom again, I'm struggling to find anything approaching that same first, giddy love I had for X-Files and then SPN. It made me so sad to see what they did to X-Files, and I feel that season 7 of SPN had that same WTF flavor for me; I honestly can barely remember half the story lines from seasons 6 OR 7, compared to still being able to recall titles, quotes, guests, etc from every episode of SPN seasons 1-3.
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I haven't seen the second episode of this season yet but after the last one I haven't exactly been in a rush to catch up.

I read over 3000 SPN stories. I think it's safe to say I'm burned out. That and all my favorite authors left the fandom. :(
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Right now Dean isn't exactly a sympathetic character...I loved the mom in this last week's episode and I'm kind of glad her son took off with her because it looks like being around the Winchesters is not good for their health.
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it's going to be a dealbreaker for me as well if dean does not become more likeable soon.