Risen Jesus v. Tomatoes

  • Apr. 27th, 2011 at 7:47 AM
logovo: (Default)
We're late in planting tomatoes this year. Last Sunday we finally were going to get to it, but forgot it was a religious holiday and so Mr. L's family wanted to do something. *sigh* I was cranky about it, but got over it - sort of. Religious beliefs really do blow my mind* and its hard for me to not get pissy when they poke into my life even a little bit.

But anyway, tomatoes. Getting the soil in containers ready for a couple of determinate plants (bush-like), but the big thing for us this year is the area we've set up specifically for indeterminate plants, with a trellis and the best sunny spot in the garden. I hope the weather is better than last year, when we had the coolest summer in my memory remember, and our tomato plants were kind of sad looking.

*For some weird reason Mr. L gets Time magazine (yes, I know, quaint!) and the cover a couple of weeks ago was "What If There is No Hell?" - and I kept thinking how grown adults actually spend time debating this and yes, mind blown again.