• May. 26th, 2009 at 6:54 AM
logovo: (Default)
It only took two years and some serious pimping by several friends to finally get me hooked on Chuck. Really, I should have seen the pilot episode sooner, but like a lot of other series I've come in late and I've been seeing a lot of them out of order.

I went looking for fic last night but didn't find anything that sort of had the same kind of feel as the series. Chuck has a weird kind of vibe, the comedy always there and a lot of it laugh-out-loud stuff, but ... huh, I don't even know how to describe it or if I can come up with a single example of another series that I felt had the same thing going on. At this point I really care about the characters, so I'm starting from the beginning and sitting down for a few more episodes this week.

Other TV stuff...

We finally started watching Season 4 of The Wire, which takes on the schools. Ay. I already know it's going to break my heart, apart from the usual pissed-off-ness at bureaucracies, because of the kids.

Caprica. I bought it from iTunes and loved it. It fits wonderfully with the BSG I carry in my head. The series is supposed to premiere in January, but I wonder how well it will do. It doesn't the have battles and life and death struggles of BSG, it's more of a drama, so I'm wondering if it will find an audience.