• Apr. 18th, 2009 at 11:55 AM
logovo: (OTW)
After a chat with the Translation committee I went out for a walk with Mr. Logovo and friends. We decided we're going to go see State of Play later on today, although I have missgivings about how good the adaptation of the miniseries to a 2 hour movie will be. The BBC production was 6 hours long, with extremely good actors playing supporting roles. Most of those characters must to have had been written out or greatly diminished, so yeah. Good thing I like Russell Crowe so much (I have yet to tire of watching him as Jack in Master and Commander), but Ben Affleck -um- not so crazy about having to see him onscreen. Even when he's in good movies he's so bland.

Also reading just a tiny bit on CSS. I'm motivated to learn more now that I've been playing around with layouts.