SPN, fic and whiskey sours

  • Jun. 14th, 2010 at 9:04 PM
logovo: (Default)
There is another clusterfuck going on in SPN Big Bang that caught my attention because it doesn't just feel like a rerun, but like an episode where you can remember all the dialog, music and guest stars. It involves making the Haiti earthquake a backdrop for a RPS fic. Really, IDK how people decide doing something like that is a good idea. Even if it's only out of self interest, you would think people in general would stay away from combining recent human tragedy with fanfic.

BTW, the SPN big bang started this past week and I was happy to find one story I enjoyed very much, a sweet (but not overly so) romcom, Becoming Who We Are. Usually BBs have tons of stories, but only one or two that grab me, so I felt lucky that during the first week I found one that made me so happy.

Now I need to google a good recipe for whisky sours. I had my second one ever tonight and yes, I must learn how to make these wonderful drinks. Just the right balance of citrus against the usually unpalatable whisky taste. I have yet to develop a taste for straight whisky, maybe because it reminds me of the boozy smell of my dad after a bender. But see, lemons have ~*magical*~ properties that seem to make whisky into something I actually want to drink.