SPN gen fic rec

  • Jul. 13th, 2012 at 10:07 AM
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Sheol by bellatemple
Summary: post 7x23. Spoilery summary in the author's notes
Great Sam & Dean voices. Loved the author's ideas and her Dean POV.

Finally, SPN. Also, fic rec \o/

  • Sep. 23rd, 2010 at 8:41 AM
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I've been watching the clips and reading spoilers and damn, yes, get here now!

Unable to get excited about pretty much anything else in a fannish way (Inception, Sherlock & Merlin all look good, but yeah, not connecting w/me), I'm pretty much ready for some squee.

Has everyone who enjoys Candle_beck's fic read her latest Sam/Dean fic, Second Map of the World? Because hotdamn, that was good. It's like for a little bit I'll forget why I love this fandom so much, and then an excellent story will come along and leave me kind of dazed and happy.


Weather and BigBang fics

  • Aug. 12th, 2010 at 7:37 AM
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We're having one of the coolest San Diego summers in years, so my tomatoes aren't doing as well as they should for the middle of August. I can't bring myself to complain though, since we don't have AC beyond a box unit in the bedroom. But yeah, this is kind of weird and it's not going to make for a lot of yummy tomato dishes in the future.

Also, I have a flea infestation that I haven't managed to solve. If the weather gets warmer I know the problem will get worse. My legs look like crap right now, full of bites :(

Last week I whined that I had not read fics in this year's SPN Big Bang that filled me with fannish squee. But then I read two that made it all better! Ah, such a relief, two stories in a row, both Sam/Dean, both dealing with some issues that I can see can be hard to write.

Pins & Needles by selecasharp. It's a case story, with a season 2 feel and two timelines. One after Sam and Dean get back into hunting after Sam recovers from an injury from a cursed knife, the second starting from the injury and going through the recovery. The switching in between timelines worked for me very well in creating cool cliffhangers, keeping my interest at all times. Also, it's an established Sam/Dean. After reading it I thought it might be my favorite Big Bang fic of 2010, but I was also waiting for...

Hating the Weather by [personal profile] rivkat. I don't know if I have ever not liked any of her stories, but I do know that the name in my head rings bells for a lot of wonderful reading, so I was looking forward to this story. She wrote what she describes as "AU/Genderswap genderswap", which, yeah. I've read and enjoyed genderswap stories when I first started reading SPN fic, but after a while I lost interest. I kind of got it and sort of moved on. This now is different, and not just because of the writing. It jumps right in to Dee Winchester being turned into a guy that eventually becomes Dean. I don't remember reading something like this before, so it felt fresh. It also pokes at some of the assumptions of the Winchester family dynamics, like Dean's role in canon as the mediator, John's expectations of his children and Sam's love of his family, as messed up as it is. The story takes place around seasons 3 and 4, it's told from Sam's POV, with flashbacks giving us a look at Dee and Sam's relationship. Yeah, this fic was full of fannish joy :)

SPN rec and rereads

  • Apr. 28th, 2010 at 8:13 AM
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[personal profile] rivkat posted Vagabondage yesterday, which was way hot and just the right thing I needed to reconnect with the characters, reminding me why I like them*.

Great sex scenes, helping me in liking characters that canon is fucking up since 1995 \o/

I've been rereading FayJay's Not Time's Fool and enjoying now clearly connecting the story to the name. It all blurs sometime. Most times. In my head. I just forget who wrote what, unless I go back to reread something.

Does it feel like we're are the tail end of SPN fic cycle? It has that recognizable vibe I got at the end of SGA and a dip in S4 of Smallville. But it is all so subjective, I see a tiny slice of what is going on in the fandom.

I've never been part of a fandom with closed canon. I've come to expect a peak of enthusiasm around S3 of any show I follow. Or at least that is the story I tell myself.

*And by "them" I mean Dean. Dean, you're the reason I started watching in S1. It's been pretty painful seeing you written as an asshole, while at the same time sold to me as a character I'm supposed to think is all kinds of awesome :(