• Nov. 4th, 2009 at 5:54 PM
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V.- I found the pilot last night for the V reboot disappointing. It has potential and some characters I liked, but the script was very, very clunky. I'll give it a shot next week, see if it improves any.

Leverage.- I should learn to use DVR now that we got our new box, maybe see the show "live" for once. The first season was my happy place for a few days, as we zipped through the episodes. @nd season has been sometimes *meh*, but I so love Parker and Hardison. OK, and Eliot too.

I haven't seen a single episode of White Collar yet, which makes me a rare specimen in my flist. I will though! I just need to -um- figure out when it's on. This is why people use DVR, yes? I'm so used to downloading stuff, so now that I'm actually seeing my new(ish) shows with Mr. Logovo it means messing with an actual TV.

Last thing. Burn Notice? My husband likes it, I haven't been crazy about it, had seen some S2 episodes with him, but before my trip to Mexico I saw the pilot and a handful of S1 episodes. Wow, it feels like the same thing that happened to Burn Notice happened to Leverage in S2. Sort of losing some of it's kick, which means you (well, more like I) stay because a love of the characters, and sort of stick with it even if the writing is not as fresh. Lesson to self: Don't jump into a show in S2. Always go back.


  • Oct. 3rd, 2009 at 10:48 PM
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Went to Hulu to see SGU and got bored and stopped after about 15 minutes. I think I'll wait a few episodes before I try that again, see what the flist reviews say. I kind of had a bad feeling about the main nerdy character. Like I've seen this guy so many times, the nerd loser who saves the day, that I started to figure out how they decided to write this character. I managed to get creeped out, because of all of the crap I heard before the show even premiered. I was imagining the writers either projecting or presenting this guy as the audience stand in and - ew.

I got my hands on Merlin 2.03 and that was so, so adorable! Oh, the Merlin and Arthur stuff was perfect. I needed more Gwen though. Can we get more Gwen and Morgana at the same time, plz?

I've consumed Leverage in huge amounts, now at S2, episode 5 I think. Ready now for some fic. I'm sure I saw some on the Yuletide site. Anyone care to rec their favorite story? I'd love me some Hardison/Parkinson/Eliot in any and all combinations or pairings. From friendshippy gen to threesome hotness, don't care, I just love them :D