A little gray today

  • Jun. 20th, 2009 at 3:27 PM
logovo: (SGA - John can be the man in black)
We went out for breakfast and a movie this morning, Food, Inc.. Even if I had already read books like Fast Food Nation or Omnivore's Dilemma, the movie is worth seeing. I wonder how shocking or not the movies might be to anyone who might not know about CAFO's or GMCs, or how the cheap labor coming in across the border is in part a result of subsidized US corn. I would imagine it would freak me out if this was the first time I heard about business practices by companies like Monsanto and Tyson, if this was the first time I saw just how few companies control about 90% of the food supply.

Driving back home we stopped at [personal profile] minotaurs', saw [personal profile] elke_tanzer who has been doing battle with dustbunnies and Stuart's IT stuff. She's been here for 3 days already, helping Stuart's mom, going over over boxes and boxes of stuff. I picked up 4 boxes of VHS tapes that someone might want. At this point we're not sure if anyone would, with a lot of the material already out on DVD. For now I made a quick list of most of the contents to type up later. Lots of Wiseguy, Highlander, Buffy and Seaquest.

Came home and worked on the garden. Took out the last of the beets and cooked up the greens with bacon, onion, pepper flakes & apple cider, baked the beets, grilled some pork chops.

I'm not a big fan of beets, but Mr. Logovo likes them. But after growing them I'm a big fan of the greens, specially done with this recipe.

Sat down to watch the first episode of S5 of The Wire. It's amazing TV, no question. I really care about all the characters, but like almost all really good TV, I feel no fannish impulse when it comes to searching out much info beyond what I see onscreen. There was this one time where I saw an interview with the guy who plays McNulty and was shocked to realize he was English. Oh, I should look and see if I can find an interview with the guy who played Stringer Bell, I think he's also English. That'll be a trip.