• Apr. 20th, 2010 at 7:38 AM
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I've been trying out and listening to a few new podcasts. I actually listen to podcasts and audiofic a lot more than music, which -um- yeah, means that I have a lot of music sitting around that I don't let myself enjoy more than a bit because I'm always GIVE ME NEW CONTENT!

I've already said how much I enjoy Radiolab, which has exceptional production values and some episodes that are the best things I've downloaded, but the show has very few episodes per season. So, while it's amazingly good, it's mix of popular science, culture and philosophy (with a light sense of humor) is on short supply.

I enjoy a lot of film related podcasts, with my favorites right now being /Filmcast and the movie review episodes of Spill. There are others like BBC Radio 5 film Reviews and KCRW's Film Reviews.

Another podcast I've liked is the newish, The Nerdist, which just had a fabulously funny live episode #10. The host had as guests a couple of the Mythbusters people, a show that I haven't even seen and have no interest in seeing, but still the podcast had me laughing at work.

Harry Shearer's Le Show is also quite good, even is sometimes I want to punch Shearer in the nose, but I think that's just me.

What all these podcasts (and quite a few more I've tried out) have in common is that they have no women in them. Not a single one. I was excited to find and download the Bust magazine podcast, but the quality of the audio was so bad I had to stop after only a minute. Who knows if the content was any good. Still, I'm always looking and I'm hoping that I'll later find some that I can enjoy.