The Young

  • Apr. 25th, 2011 at 9:03 PM
logovo: (Default)
At a weekend dinner party at our home I had to bite my tongue at some typical complaining about The Young. The Young are so uninformed! The Young don't read! The Young are dreadful, with their Twitter and Facebooking! Then they really got into it.

I know that we sometimes like feeling fearful/superior of/to a group of some kind, but The Young is such a funny one to me, it's impossible to connect on any level to people having the vapors over "kids these days".

One of my sharpest memories of being a 24 year old is of sitting down with a college friend, who started his conversation by saying how music had turned terrible, and how music during our college years was so much better. "Now that was real music!" he said. It was like he was in training for middle age dinner parties. He would have fitted right in during mine.