• Oct. 3rd, 2009 at 10:48 PM
logovo: (SGA - Rodney - close your eyes)
Went to Hulu to see SGU and got bored and stopped after about 15 minutes. I think I'll wait a few episodes before I try that again, see what the flist reviews say. I kind of had a bad feeling about the main nerdy character. Like I've seen this guy so many times, the nerd loser who saves the day, that I started to figure out how they decided to write this character. I managed to get creeped out, because of all of the crap I heard before the show even premiered. I was imagining the writers either projecting or presenting this guy as the audience stand in and - ew.

I got my hands on Merlin 2.03 and that was so, so adorable! Oh, the Merlin and Arthur stuff was perfect. I needed more Gwen though. Can we get more Gwen and Morgana at the same time, plz?

I've consumed Leverage in huge amounts, now at S2, episode 5 I think. Ready now for some fic. I'm sure I saw some on the Yuletide site. Anyone care to rec their favorite story? I'd love me some Hardison/Parkinson/Eliot in any and all combinations or pairings. From friendshippy gen to threesome hotness, don't care, I just love them :D