More podfic recs (SV)

  • Sep. 24th, 2009 at 12:54 PM
logovo: (Lex)
A thing I absolutely love about podfics is that I'm able to revisit fandoms that I haven't thought about in quite a while, re-experiencing fics that I sometimes only vaguely remember in detail. But in the middle of listening to these Smallville podfics I had moments where I clearly remember myself in my old apartment, reading these kickass Clex fics and enjoying them so very much. I'm lucky in that the reader's voice does the stories justice.

While the Tempest Hurled by [personal profile] rivkat, read by [personal profile] cathexys.

The Presence of Fire by [personal profile] rivkat, read by [personal profile] cathexys.

Oh, and funny enough, unlike J2 podfics, it seems when it comes to Clex I like them a lot darker. I blame Lex.