Naco y Fresa

  • Sep. 14th, 2010 at 12:41 PM
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Mexican slang definitions from here

Fresa: a preppy guy, rich girl or someone who speaks as if they had a hot potato stuck in their mouth.

Naco(a): Derogatory name for someone who has money but no class or simply someone with no class. Mexican 'fresas' also use it to describe those who are of a lower social class.

As far as I understand, being that these slang terms are not from Tijuana (it being like a little slang language, cut off from a lot of Mexican pop-culture until 10-15 years ago) no one would self-identify as a fresa or a naco.

Anyway, loooong intro is long and all of this is the explanation for this vid, which is damn old (2006), but me being me I never saw until this week. I found it hilarious and the Spanish speakers in my flist will probably enjoy it too.