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  • Sep. 9th, 2010 at 9:32 PM
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I'm now a regular listener of the very entertaining Spill.com podcast, but oh-boy, they sure make me pause and stop me from declaring myself a big fan. The main guy, Korey, says sexist stuff enough times to make me uncomfortable. It's mostly a bunch of guys hanging out, talking about geeky movie stuff that I like, but just as I find myself getting comfortable, one of the crew will say something that reminds me I'm not their intended audience. But they make me laugh enough times that I keep listening, and I really like a couple of the regulars.

Spill churns out several podcasts per week, which has made it easy to quickly get into the personas of the regular people on the crew. Kind of like what morning radio used to be like for me, only skipping the boring parts. So I have a sense of each of their backstories, taste in movies,

I was looking for the comment someone made on a post of mine, going over what they liked about the different podcasts Spill produces (they have one for movies, one for games, one for comics, etc.) but I can't find it. LJ friend out there, thank you! I'm glad I stuck with this podcast.


The Passage (audiobook)

  • Jun. 25th, 2010 at 7:57 AM
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It was weird to have the same voice that I remember reading the Juarez part of BolaƱos "2666" showing up in a much less spooky book, "The Passage" by Justin Cronin. It's one of those books that show up on the first table right as you walk into a Borders or Barnes&Noble, where I discovered to my horror that Glenn Beck is also now a novelist.

I downloaded "The Passage" hoping for a sort of "The Stand" redux, done at least as well as that book turned out to be. I loved it as a teenager. Was it 20 years ago already since "The Stand" was published? More? Anyway, I still think of King's novel as the most fun you can have while you read about the end of the world. I'm at almost at a quarter of the way through, and the author seems to have decided that descriptions of the world falling apart have been done enough times. I'm a bit disappointed, but yeah, he handles it pretty well by only giving glimpses, which in a some ways is a lot scarier.

I just realized I haven't downloaded podfic in a while. I have to go and see what's been posted in the last few months. So many things to listen to! Podfics, audiobooks and podcasts (Spill and /Filmcast are my current favorites), but only so much time to listen.

EMF podcast

  • May. 10th, 2010 at 11:30 AM
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Las week I downloaded a bunch of EMF Podcast episodes and enjoyed them very much. I'd been wondering why I wasn't finding geeky women producing podcasts I liked, but [profile] kimberlyfdr kindly pointed out the Hahn sisters, who seem to have been around for a while. Yay! I enjoy their sisterly banter and I'm subbed, I hope for the duration of SPN.



  • Apr. 20th, 2010 at 7:38 AM
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I've been trying out and listening to a few new podcasts. I actually listen to podcasts and audiofic a lot more than music, which -um- yeah, means that I have a lot of music sitting around that I don't let myself enjoy more than a bit because I'm always GIVE ME NEW CONTENT!

I've already said how much I enjoy Radiolab, which has exceptional production values and some episodes that are the best things I've downloaded, but the show has very few episodes per season. So, while it's amazingly good, it's mix of popular science, culture and philosophy (with a light sense of humor) is on short supply.

I enjoy a lot of film related podcasts, with my favorites right now being /Filmcast and the movie review episodes of Spill. There are others like BBC Radio 5 film Reviews and KCRW's Film Reviews.

Another podcast I've liked is the newish, The Nerdist, which just had a fabulously funny live episode #10. The host had as guests a couple of the Mythbusters people, a show that I haven't even seen and have no interest in seeing, but still the podcast had me laughing at work.

Harry Shearer's Le Show is also quite good, even is sometimes I want to punch Shearer in the nose, but I think that's just me.

What all these podcasts (and quite a few more I've tried out) have in common is that they have no women in them. Not a single one. I was excited to find and download the Bust magazine podcast, but the quality of the audio was so bad I had to stop after only a minute. Who knows if the content was any good. Still, I'm always looking and I'm hoping that I'll later find some that I can enjoy.

Podcasts: On the Media

  • May. 18th, 2009 at 12:52 PM
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In September 1966, Gene Roddenberry dispatched the crew of the Starship Enterprise on its maiden voyage through space and time and into the American living room. It was an inauspicious start, but forty years later the Star Trek universe is still expanding. The new film debuted last weekend and shot to number one, with a nearly $80 million opening weekend. In a piece we originally ran in 2006, Brooke explored the various television incarnations of the franchise and the infinitely powerful engine behind it all: the fan. Download or stream. Transcript is also on the page..

Of note is several mentions of fic, slash and a couple of quotes by a young fic writer and Henry Jenkins.